Set Up Easy Monthly Payments w/ PayPal

Any amount matters when redistributing wealth to People of Color (PoC), especially Black and Brown moms. $5 could help catch a bus to work to avoid losing employment or be joined with others' $5 contributions to reach a larger goal to help secure emergency housing for a family after being evicted. When it comes to … Continue reading Set Up Easy Monthly Payments w/ PayPal


Investing for Reparations

Have any of you been too busy living paycheck to paycheck to focus on future investments (a.k.a. 401K, IRA, any other retirement funds)?? 👋👋[Waves]. Well, if you are anything like me, one day you’ll wake up at the age of 37 and realize you might be a white person who understands the importance of reparations, but … Continue reading Investing for Reparations