Have any of you been too busy living paycheck to paycheck to focus on future investments (a.k.a. 401K, IRA, any other retirement funds)?? 👋👋[Waves]. Well, if you are anything like me, one day you’ll wake up at the age of 37 and realize you might be a white person who understands the importance of reparations, but you won’t be able to sustainably give if you don’t have the 💰💰💰[money]. When that guilt sets in, you might feel like, FML, I just learned about reparations and now I have to choose between supporting BIWOC and not working until I’m 99? That’s okay. Acorns has got it all figured out. You invest, they take care of the rest. And the good news is- you don’t have to stop  #directgiving  #supportingblackwomen  or  #payingblackwomen .

The deets: You can link the Acorns app to any bank account, PayPal account or credit card you own. You only need $5 – yes $5 – to invest in an initial Acorns account 🙀[Suprised Cat]! You can begin by linking your accounts and set up a program to deposit your spare change into your Acorns account. Think of it this way: when you go to a store and give someone $5 for a small bag of cheese puffs, a ginger ale, and a bag of gummy candy, you’ll most likely end up with $.75 that ends up in your neighborhood laundromat (because the munchies are real, y’all). That $.75 instead will go towards your Acorns account. Wouldn’t you rather that money be invested and potentially be split amongst your retirement and BIWOC? It’s a WIN-WIN.

Now, you can choose to optimize this change depending on your privilege and wealth so you can multiply your change (2x, 5x and 10x). This makes your wealth grow faster. In addition, you can choose the type of investment portfolio (ex. Low, med-low, med, med-high and high-risk investments). Once you start earning, you determine what percentage of this investment you want to INVEST BACK into BIWOC in our community and you keep the rest. It’s kind of like free money. And who doesn’t love free money?

Sign up using this referral link here and credit will be counted towards the Direct Assistance Fund. Only 12 allies have to sign up to generate $1000 in credit to the fund. Let’s get started!

[Image description: four dollar bills rolled into cone shapes and planted in a bed of soil. A small hand spade is on the ground between two of the planted dollar bills. On top of the image is white text that reads “grow your investments today and help support black and brown mom’s at the same time.”]

*slight catch, there is a few days delay in between when money goes into your account and when you can transfer out, so if you need this money immediately it may not be automatically available to you.

**acorns just opened their own debit card and I have not looked into that as a way to invest, but it seems like there are added bonuses.

***you can earn rewards and payouts from stores that you frequently purchase items from or places that you might be buying something new from (a.k.a. Cashback discounts that are invested into your account).

****I’m not an investment professional, but I may play one on the internet. Please consult a financial advisor if you have real questions about Acorns.”

*****I am unaffiliated with the company and do not receive any compensation as an influencer or endorser of Acorns. I am only a user of the app.


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