We believe that reparations from white people to BIPOC (Black and Indigenous people of color) are a powerful way to begin to address and heal racial oppression. Reparations can take many forms, but the focus of the Direct Assistance Fund will be on raising money to provide immediate assistance to non-men of color facing emergency situations that arise from surviving white supremacy.

Photo of white woman wearing a safety pin on their shirt. Text reads "We need accomplices who show up in material ways to bridge the gap/"
Image description: A close-up image of a white woman’s shirt. She is wearing a black shirt with a grey sweater. There is a safety pin pinned visibly to her shirt. Over the image in white text it says “We need accomplices who show up in material ways to bridge the gap.”

Anti-racist work in a white supremacist society can be isolating and alienating; those difficult Thanksgiving conversations can result in chasms between you and the other white people in your life.  To counter this isolation and the burnout that goes with it, building a community with other intentionally anti-racist white people is essential. Anti-racist communities can make this necessary work of reparations sustainable and life-giving. Not only can a community energize and sustain aspiring allies, but it can also be a way to organize fundraisers and other actions that support reparations.   

Guiding Questions

  • How many allies in the fundraising group? If you are inclined to create a smaller group or to work more individually, do you have a plan for being accountable and in community with others?
  • As you reflect on your routines, can you identify the places, people, and activities that might be most favorable/open/etc. to fundraising for DAF?
  • What hobbies and skills do you have? Offer them by signing up here.
  • What community organizations are you already a part of? (Work/church/school/political/etc.)
  • What local businesses do you patronize?
  • What is your comfort level with direct asks? (Face-to-face/online)
  • What can you afford in terms of overhead costs?
Image of monopoly with car token and text reads "Pass the Safety Pin & GO straight to shifting resources."
Image description: A monopoly game with the car player token on the “go” space. Over the image in white letters, it says: “Pass the safety pin and go straight to shifting resources.”

Putting It Into Practice

Please consider working with people in your local community to fundraise for reparations using the following methods (or your own creative ideas):

  • Take photos and sell them #artsandcrafts #solitary
  • Sell items on local Buy/Sell Groups #onabudget #solitary
  • Sell clothes to your local consignment shop #onabudget #solitary
  • Group flea market (neighborhood, church, etc)  #onabudget #communitybuilding
  • Coordinate with a local business for a day of giving – often times restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and second-hand stores will donate a portion of their profit for a day to a non-profit organization #onabudget
  • Challenge or pledge  #onabudget #online
  • Raffle #onabudget #online
  • Host a dinner and charge per plate #communitybuilding #smallgroup
  • “Pass the basket” at your local political meeting (Indivisible, SURJ, Democratic Party, etc) #onabudget #communitybuilding
  • Ask your church, synagogue or mosque to contribute a portion or day of offerings #onabudget #communitybuilding
  • NEW! – Direct proceeds from your art sales to the Fund by sharing your work on the DAF shop page. Sign up here. #online #solitary #artsandcrafts

Are your creative juices flowing?  Great! Still, need more ideas? Check out this website and also this one!


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